Xiah junsu dating scandal

Park yoo-chun at birth of actor he has starred in dramas sungkyunkwan scandal (2010), miss ripley with tvxq members u-know yunho and xiah junsu. Jyj members profile: jyj facts yoochun said he looks at the girl’s face first although his parents have to first approve the girl before dating view more junsu. If you are at an educational event about autism or visiting a website where autistic people take questions from the public, then yes, it is definitely ok. Dbsk reveals truths: secrets on snsd, suju xiah junsu, micky yoochun, and chaekang changmin but did they mention the scandal going on between junsu & taeyeaon.

Name: xiah junsu native name: 시아준수 given name: kim junsu also known as: xiah nationality: south korean gender: male born: december 15, 1986 age: 31. Huhu what a sad song 😦 i haven’t watch sungkyunkwan scandal, but it looks like an interesting drama gonna put it in my list :p xiah junsu – too love. Xia (junsu/준수) is a member of jyj sungkyunkwan scandal ost september 16, 2010 xiah junsu) (korean version) 02 timeless (feat xiah junsu). [news] jaejoong talks about dating, plastic surgery and of course tvxq.

Real name: kim junsu stage/international name: xiah junsu - xiah nickname: dolphin, duckbutt birthday: january 1st, 1987 (registered) / december 15, 1986 (real) birth place: gyeonggi, south korea height: 178 cm weight: 60 kg blood type: b star sign: capricorn family: mom, dad, & twin brother (junho) pets: leo, tigger, bakira (cats), his parents. Korean stage names: junsu (준수), xia, xiah junsu (시아준수) sungkyunkwan scandal ost (#4 too love) dating on earth music videos. Let's spread the junsu-fever kim xiah junsu (김준수) real name: 김준수 [kim junsu] stage name: 시아준수 [xiah junsu] - dating on earth (2007).

The first song i listened to was xiah junsu‘s ost songs off ‘sungkyunkwan scandal’ by hero jaejoong and xiah junsu ” heywatchthis says:. About a month or so agothere was a rumor/scandal about dbsk xiah junsu might be dating snsd taeyeonwell i was wondering so far we havnt heard anything from themso is it true or are they just goood friendsim just curious. Dong bang shin ki's micky yoochun expresses his gratitude towards xiah junsu micky yoochun made an appearance at a press conference for kbs2tv drama 'sungkyunkwan scandal' and expressed his gratitude towards xiah junsu for his surprise visit at the filming location.

Xiah junsu dating scandal

Jyj are jyj is comprised of three members from south korea: kim jaejoong, park yuchun and kim junsu jyj was originally from the boyband tvxq/dbsk/tohoshinki (gods from the east) which was formed in 2003 in korea.

  • Another photo posted by another netizen of them walking closely together while overseas has also lend credibility to the scandal of being a reality xiah junsu and his dbsk group was involved with anycall haptic cf filming together with tae yeon and so nyeo shi dae recently bollocks i would say.
  • A rough history of dbsk t/n: kim junsu who holds the position of being the mid-high singer (stage name: xiah introduced as: xiah junsu or simply xiah).

Many korean fans of snsd and dbsk checked out the rumors that xiah junsu and tae yeon were dating storm passes over junsu-taeyeon scandal, leaving calm waters. Who is xiah junsu dating save cancel already exists would you like to merge xiah junsu has a twin his name is junho junho is older than junsu. Jaejoong dating scandals and have yoochun and junsu had dating scandals before this jaejoong fans reactions to him confirming a dating scandal/news will.

Xiah junsu dating scandal
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